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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. 3 developing now at noon... pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is the fox 13 news pat noon. p>> developing now at noon a pstolen piece of art work from pchihuly gallery in st. etersburg has just been precovered. pgood afternoon everyone. pthanks so much for joining i'm plinda hurtado. pwe're actually following two pdeveloping stories out st. etersburg. olice there just caught the psecond teen who escaped from phillsborough county juvenile pdetention center.
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panthony cook was inside a home pon northeast boulevard north. pofficers took him into custody, pand investigators say cook along pwith twant bays escaped from at pfalkenberg academy more than pweek albay was found in vacant phouse in st. petersburg on pyesterday. p also in st. petersburg a pstolen piece of art work from at pchihuly collection is just been pfound. pfox 13's steve nichols is live pwith an update on this case. phi steve. p>> hi you know, this little iece about 8 inches tall was a pcollection gallery. pthat's down on beach drive. pthis collection is owned by more pan arts is there florida about phalf a mile away in 700 block of pcentral avenue. pand this is where the object pturned up. pin a box outside the front door. pthe good news and somewhat punexpectedly cobalt and lavender ick although with gilded phandles appears to be undamaged. pit is also back at the beach pdrive gallery now because there pwas no way st. pete police want
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pirreplaceable piece of art worth pas much as $25,000. pwe spoke to an employee who pfound the box and before opening pit actually set it aside for a pfew minutes while while she popened up this gallery. p>> i opened box oh my gosh. pno way. pno way. pit's pretty crazy. pyou know. pwas there a label or any pmarkings on it. pbeat up box. pand uniait was, chihuly piece in pit like oh, recognizes it had pobviously i work here. pand i was seen it enough times. pit is still thought this piece pwas stolen some time late sunday pafternoon with loss not pmorning. pthe collections director says it pwill now be carefully examined pto insure it is undamaged. pin meantime the police pinvestigation continues as many pas a dozen detectives have been passigned to this case and large art going through a lot of
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pother location. pand around that location. pand now at this location, in psecurity cameras here on central pavenue to still try to find out pwho took this thing and better plinda. pstill a lot of unanswered pquestions. psteve, thank you. p see it, say it, stop it. pthat's the new program launched pby crime stoppers of tampa bay. pnow the goal is to a curve begun rogram. pfox 13's gloria gomez was at pthis press conference this pmorning gloria tell us how this rogram works. pthey are really encouraging the panonymously and report illegal pguns in the community. pi got to tell you there a lot of plaw enforcement agencies pinvolved this this program pincluding tampa police the psheriff's office here in phillsborough and state pattorney's office all pcontributing to at reward fund. pthey talked about some pdisturbing is statistics though pin our area. plast year the state attorney's poffice had 688 gun prosecutions. pthose individuals they say
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pillegal guns. pstate attorney mike ober talked pabout the disturbing numbers. pand how important it is for pthese tips to come in to prevent pmore crimes in the future. p>> this information that is rovided to crime stoppers about pthese guns illegal guns that pkill and maim our families, our pstop. p>> and i am confidence that we psave one life, if we prevent one pdeath, if we prevent, because pyou have of all people know all ptoo often what you're reporting pon, the tragedy that can be revented. pa they want to stress that ptipster will remain anonymous pand that will never change.
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phappening in st. pete. pjacksonville and miami. pwe of course linda will have lot pmore on story tonight at 5 and p6. pback to you. pvery interesting thank you, pgloria. pfuture of polk county schools psuperintendent is in limbo. ptoday was first school board pmeeting since katherine was pcleared in an internal pinvestigation. passociating superintendent pgraying rivers had accused her pof sexual harassment. pshe apologized for not handling prelationship with rivers better. pthree board members said they plost confidence in her ability pto do the job. pand in the end the board decide pto hold a special meeting this pfriday at 5:00 p.m. to decide pwhat the next steps should be. p>> commuter taking i 275 pnorthbound might find traveling pa little easier. pdon't we all hope? povernight crews opened a new pfourth lane from a west shore pavenue. pfox 13's shayla reeves has an pupdate on the commute. p>> if you travel on i 275 pnorthbound, you'll probably want pto listen to this, the traffic
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pare few things you need to know. pcrews worked overnight to prelieve some the congestion in pthat area near dale mabrey phighway and himes avenue. pyou're looking smat video pcaptured overnight. pthey have now opened a fourth plane for drivers. pand it happened a few weeks pahead of schedule. pnow this impacts the stretch pfrom west shore boulevard to peast of himes avenue. pi asked a spokesperson for f dot phow this change impact your pcommute. pi'm told you cannot only expect pless congestion, but a longer pdistance to merge if you're ptraveling from dale mabrey and phimes on to 275 northbound. pand another change you can panticipate possibly as early as pthis afternoon is a ramp preopening over near low is. pthat ramp has been closed for palmost three years we're told. pand it's a ramp that takes you pfrom low is to northbound 275. pso we'll continue to follow and pkeep you posted on the progress pthere as well as any changes or
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pyou make your way out and about. ptampa bay area. preporting here near 275 pnorthbound, shayla reeves, fox p13 news. pthank you, this may not be best pday to get out on the water pwe've tracking some pretty pstrong winds. plet's check in now with meet phey jim. pcertainly throughout overnight phours view gusty winds winds we psaw here in tampa. pwinds peeking around 38 miles er hour through overnight hours pover in bellair. p53 miles an hour even a you get pdown towards sarasota, sarasota pand venice both seeing winds pright around 40 to 41 miles an phour through overnight hours. pyou look outside, clearwater pbeach right now, you can pactually see right on the beach. pright around that high tide pthrough overnight hours. pwe were seeing some strongest pwinds. phow it pushed a lot of water a plot of debris so far up the pbeach. pwe will looking a high tide pcycle later on this afternoon. plikely to see even rougher surf.
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p16 to 18 miles an hour. pstill seeing some gusts close to p30 miles an hour. pdown towards punta gore today p28. pfort meyers in fact still seeing phour. pand to find pretty big seas. pshore. pthe water. peven if you're away from the pwater we have lake wind padvisories until 6 o'clock giel pwarning along coastline until p7 o'clock even along the surf, pif you've got the threat of prough surf in the rip currents. phaving plans to be out on water pjust hold off on those pconditions. pwe'll be improving for tomorrow. pwe'll talk more about the pforecast coming up in a little pbit, linda. p>> officials are working to pfigure out how to 2 trains pcollided head-on early morning pin germany. pat least nine people were killed pand another 150 people were phurt. pofficials say both trains ended pupcoming off the tracks artially with one wedged right
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pthat portion of the tracks had psoftware designed to prevent pthat exact kind of accident from phappening. pand officials aren't sure why it pdidn't work. pright now they are searching for pthe trains black boxes. p>> it is decision day in new phampshire. pa week after the iowa caucuses pfolks there are now weighing in pon who they think should take pthe oval office. pfox news correspondent caroline pshively is in manchester with pmore. p>> all eyes are on new hampshire ptoday as the nation's first rimary voters had to the polls. pvoters here in granite state pmake their picks for next pcommander in chief as residential candidates make a plast ditch effort to sway pundecided voters. pflorida senator marco rubio phoping for aerosol id showing pafter claiming third place in pthe iowa caucuses. p>> we feel real good. pwe're going for finish here and phead to south carolina rubio pcouldn't shake the marco ro per pso no ncaa he gained after psaturday 28 chris christie pcriticized for sticking to prehearsed talking points new
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pi'm ready. pi'm tested i'm prepared i'm pmature and ready to beat her and pready to be president and rubio psimple is not. pdonald trump poise to come on ptop business man looking to make pup ground after losing to texas psenator ted cruz in iowa. p>> if i win by one point i'm pvery happy. pi just want to win. pvermont senator bernie sanders pheld lead in democratic race phere for weeks. phillary clinton is not giving pup. psaying she's going to keep pworking into the final vote is pcast. p>> i have just looking for a pgreat election day. pas many people who can turn out, pexpress their opinions, you know pbe part of the process. oor showing in iowa and in four pmajor campaigns outcome of new phampshire could further narrow pthe field. pin manchester caroline shively, pfox news. p>> and today worry going to get pyou moving. pdr. jo is participating in ptreadmill tuesday. pwe're going to tell you what plist she's literally articipating.
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pall about and how you can3 one of the biggest parties of the year, comes to an end tonight, on bourbon street. "mardi gras" pone one biggest parties comes to pan end on bourbon street. pmardi gras wrap up with two arades today for fat tuesday. porganizers say this year they psaw biggest mardi gras crowd psince before hurricane katrina. pand it all ends midnight tonight pbecause tomorrow is ash pwednesday. pthat is the start of lent. pand here in bay area it's
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pymca in jacksonville area and pright here in tampa are pcompeting to log most treadmill pmiles you can participate local pymca and/or at home by using pwith this video we've taking art all morning long on good pday. pnow. pand talking and walking on ptreadmill. pall you have to do is just walk pon treadmill for at least 30 pminutes. ptake a picture of it. pand use that #i just told you pabout. pthat way ymca can give you pcredit of course whole point of pthis is to promote a healthier plife-style which is why we asked pdr. jo to come join us. pi think everybody know l. help pyou physically to walk. ptell us give us details. pso many things i had to have pcheat sheet. pso many studies lowered blood ressure by about 11 points. panother one reduced stroke by 20 pto 40 percent strengthens your pbones and strengthens your pmuscles. phelps your joints to lubricate. pbecause there's not lot of blood psupply there.
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pindividuals 50 to 70. pthey were 35 percent less likely pto die in the next eight years pif they walked on the treadmill. pso many different reasons pincluding osteoporosis and some pof the reasons why we need to pstrengthen our bones. plots of reasons for women but palso reasons for men. pyou know, i like the treadmill i plike to run. pactually on morning because for pme it's a mental thing. plike i really like the mental phigh i get from it. pso i got to imagine it helps you pmentally too. pit really does. pjust walking will do the same. peven if you don't run. pyou do get that boost of pendorphins. pthat's dopamine, feel good preward centers in your brain pthat are stimulated. pbut they've also seen long-term pstudies where it decreased risk pof mental decline and palzheimer's. pagain we can help you think pbetter as well. pand make you more productive in pthe work place. pthat's why i really want to get pthis treadmill. pyou and i should lobby to get pone. plike treadmill desk i got to pthink if you're in a job like
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pof day me more than you i guess pyou're sitting down a lot. pit affects your health. p>> it really does. pthey did a study on lots of eople and they did find it pincreases your risk of death. pbut it was especially true with eople with type 2 diabetes. pthey had them get up every 30 pminutes, four or 5 minutes even pif they stood at their desk. pthey measured their blood sugar plevels insulin levels. pwe know more insulin we have pobviously there's more stwla pinflammation. pmore risk for variety vascular pdisease by standing up every phalf an hour. pthose levels came down. pso definitely a short-term pbenefit, long-term benefit. pnot to mention the fact that pnow. pi like that probably one of my pfavorite things, we have an pexecutive producer who does pthat. por stand up. p7 o'clock tonight. pso you have time after you get poff work to jump on treadmill pcompetition. pnow we will head over to jim. pi think jim it would good idea pto have a behind weather center.
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pforecast at least until you go pto screen screen. pwouldn't that cool to have one pright here at the desk. pthat would be great. pi got it tell you tennis shoes pwith dress great fashion pstatement right there. plook at the rindz with you povernight hours. pthose winds really kicked up we pan hour. pthrough the morning hours, we've psubside. pbut still on the breezy side. peven at noon have those winds pout the northwest at 13 miles an phour. pbut you can see even down to our psouth, down towards sarasota plakeland 12. pup in brooksville, 16 miles an phour. pstill reporting some wind gusts pin some areas. pyou head down towards fort pmeyers, and those winds are pstill gusting out of the west at pabout 30 miles an hour. pso going to continue to be a pbreezy afternoon. pnot until late tonight and into pearly tomorrow that we're going pto see winds really starting to psubside. pbecause of the winds, because of pthe cloud cover and cold front
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preally helped to cool these ptemperatures down, so here in ptampa we're at 56 degrees. pbrooksville has a 54. ptallahassee 53 degrees. peven down to our southern plocations, down across extreme psouthern part of the state ptypically expect to see ptemperatures staying warm, pmiami, only managing 62 degrees pat noon. pso there's a cold front down to pour south. pthrough overnight hours. pand behind it just a lot of pthese mid and upper level pclouds. pwhich will continue to stream pacross the state inside of there pmight see couple sprinkles here pand there. pthat's just about it. pbut, you can see this huge area pof low pressure. pwhich is still causing a lot of pbreezy conditions across the pmuch of the east. pit's also pushing that cool air pand snow flurries as far south palabama. pjust to the south of atlanta. pseeing a little bit of snow pflurry activity. pjust kind of a sign, how cold it pis across the country. pnow high pressure starting to
12:17 pm
pso they've got cold temperatures pout west. pskies. pout west. ptip xael with what you see when pyou see active weather on one pside of country you typically psee it's quieter across other phalf. pdenver currently at 44. prapid city the same. pidaho falls 15 degrees. pso certainly plenty of cold air pacross really much of the pcountry. pbecause minneapolis 11. pchicago currently sits at 17 pso watch future cast. pas we've got front down to our psouth. pthat high is going to start to pbuild in across the east. pso to help clear out the skies, pbut we're still going to stay a ptomorrow. pbut certainly nothing like what pwe saw last night. pnow these temperatures are going pstay on the cool side because pjust nothing to really warm pthings up over the next several pdays as that high builds in pwe'll stay with north or pnorthwesterly wind. pvery slow warming trend heading ptowards the weekend. pbut, our average high 72 pdegrees.
12:18 pm
pall the way into next week. pso forecast goes like this. pfor day variable cloudy skies. pand daytime high 57 degrees. pthen for tonight look an povernight low of 44 degrees. retty chilly night for tonight. pthen tomorrow, start to see a plittle more sun scattered pclouds. pbreezy daytime high of 58 pdegrees. pwarning. pevening. pyou've got threat of rip pcurrents, high surf advisory palong the coastal sections. peven away from the coastline, pyou've got that lake wind padvisory really not good idea to peven think about going on water. pwait until at least tomorrow. pafternoon. phere's your 7 day forecast. pyou see these dame time highs pstay on cool side as we go pthrough next several days. pbye-bye thanksgiving, where my pmind? pby valentine's day, we're plooking a 62 degrees in partly pcloudy skies. plinda.
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ptennis shoes pink and purple at pthe knees. pcoordination all about pcoordination. pleading up to valentine's day pwe're taking look a some of our pfavorite love stories. pjen epstein talks to couple who rovrs that love can be peverlasting. p>> a boy born with a bad heart pand a girl who had a heart of pgold. ptheir connection is both a ptragedy and a miracle. p>> how begin to tell another pmom, thank you? pi'm lloyd sowers, see how two plocal families found a
12:20 pm
plived wit few days, we're going to meet p over next few days we will
12:21 pm
pbay area that know all bl happen pwill ever after they met when pthey are 13. pjim thought it was love at but pcolleen she didn't agree. phe wooed her anyway. pnow they are about to celebrate p39 years of marriage. pfox 13's jen epstein has their plove story. pmy senior year is when i knew pthat she'd been the one forever. phe's very generous. phe thinks of me first. p>> the most beautiful woman in pthe church that day. pand no offense but she still is. pcolleen and jim were just kids pwhen they first met. p13 years old, and at their pcousin's wedding in upstate new pyork p>> i kind of liked her but she pdidn't like me at all. pit was love at first sight for
12:22 pm
pcolleen. p>> no. pno. pnot at all. pnow i, i don't know. pi just, nope, nothing there. pnothing, nothing was attracting pto me. ptrying. pand since colleen only lived one ptown over, he spent a lot of ptime walking by her house. pgirl. pi see her dad and ask if she's phome i found out later tell him pnot home. phe didn't give up until she gave pin. p>> he was persistent. pthe more i would see him, he was psweet. pand they ended up high school psweethearts. p>> i just decided oh, you know, pokay. pwe'll give it a shot. pit's that love and kindness that pkept them together since high pschool.
12:23 pm
phe's very considerate. phe i have my grocery list eels pall have i love you. pit hasn't always been easy. pwhat you say or do make sure it pis i do keeping a marriage ptogether takes work and jim can pcolleen tried hard. pespecially after they sent two pkids lisa and kenny to college pand found themselves alone ptogether for the first time in p20 years. p>> and that was, there was in psome roughest that was roughest ptime of our whole marriage phaving to learn each other pagain. pdating our conversations wither pall about kids and sports and pwhat where are you going, what pare you doing? pnow it is over time they found pthat spark again and notice penjoy their empty nest. pit brings them back to their pbeginning and reminds them of pwhy they stayed together. p>> i wouldn't, i wouldn't pick panybody else. pyou're lucky. pi'm lucky. pi am. pi love a good love story. pcoming up tomorrow we will meet pa couple whose love story is pbest told through a song.
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((linda--cg1)) there is an unsettling p there's an unsettle passessment of threats against punited states from the director pof national intelligence. pfox katherine has more now from pwashington. p it's no surprise islamic pmilitants number one world wide pthreat delivering annual passessment of threats director pof national intelligence james pclapper says there are more psunni extremist groups than any ptime in history. presponsible for scores of pattacks, including those in aris, tennessee and california. p>> isil estimated strength world pwide exceeds that of al qaeda. pi say ill leaders are determined
12:27 pm
pbeyond inspiring home grown pviolent extremist attacks u.s. pis a much harder target then peurope, and lawmakers were told pterrorist group will continue to puse the internet to recruit pmembers and release propaganda. p>> as a nonstate actor isil pdisplay unpress denned online roficiency. pthat's not only group using the pinternet for terrorism. osing greatest threat to pfinancial sector, countries such pa north korea iran and china pcontinue to use it to spy on punited states and steal secrets. pand thanks to new technology, pgroups like al qaeda are pexpected to make gains in 2016. p the increased confuse by pviolent extremist have encrypted pand secure internet mobile based ptechnology enable terrorist pactors to, "go dark and serve to punder cut law enforce the pefforts calling this most pdiverse array challenge u.s. pmore complicated because pgovernment cutbacks which add a player of uncertainty.
12:28 pm
p it sounds like it could a pmix between ncis and dynasty. pcbs reportly creating show about pmilitary set in tampa. p>> but as fox 13 anjuli davis preports, it won't be filmed in ptampa. p>> we've had our fair varus of pscandal and a tampa bay area. ptelevision show. pvariety magazine just announced pcbs television studios will roduce a series four stars. pthe pilot will reportedly be pabout two powerful military pfamilies in tampa, and aside pfrom day-to-day operations pcentcom show will also focus on pthe rivalry between the two pfamilies. pwhile set in our backyard it may pnothere pdale gordon of tampa phillsborough film commission ptells they just heard about this pshow last week early rumblings pit will be filmed in louisiana pthanks to better film incentives por film commission working 32 pawe liaison to get show pdeveloper out to tampa at least pfor a visit.
12:29 pm
phave some incentives to lure in pfilm industry, it pales in pcomparison offerings of state plike louisiana and a georgia roducers of four stars are big pnames in hollywood they've pinvolved in projects like abc pnashville bvs elementary and pshowtime's masters of sex. pfilming of 4 stars will preportedly begin in early march. pagain our film commission trying pto do everything they can to get pthe filming done here in tampa. pbut they say the overwhelming preputation of florida in the pfilm world is that we are closed pfor business and don't offer pcompetitive incentives to get tv pand movie producers to the psunshine state. pat macdill air force base anjuli pdavis, fox 13 news. p well that's too bad. p>> cleaning is right of spring pmothed kael washing away grime pfrom our backyard. psprucing up for appearance sake. pour consumer reporter shows us pmuch, much bigger job focused on psafety. pchris chmura takes us to big
12:30 pm
pknown as runways. pwhen you do business with the pairport, the aviation authority ptakes a cut. pevery time that you buy a cup of pcoffee at starbuck's, a cup. pevery time aceh you buy psomething at one of the gift pshops, a cut. psame thing with all the parking. pa cut. pnow sometimes that money is pspent on the obvious, like pconstruction. pbut other projects are a little pmore obscure. pit's kind of thing that happens pbehind the scenes. psunday, midnight. pthe first run is done ten foot poff the center line. pand airport is spending pthousands, pressure washing the prunway. psurfaces.
12:31 pm
panything but cosmetic. p>> about 20 hours a day, every pday. pairliners land in tampa. p>> each jet literally leaves its pmark in form of rubber on the prunway. psimilar as you'd see skid marks palong the roadway. prubber builds up. pbig time. pair field superintendent charles pallen says too much rubber praises a flight safety risk. prubber builds up and paccumulates. prunway. pto prevent planes from skidding pairport hired a special truck pmounted water cannon to jet pblast every square inch of its pthree runways. pi started running that 28,000 si this incredible pressure pwasher calls. pand awe could walk right next to pit.
12:32 pm
pit's meticulously stripping the pequivalent of 5 football fields. pjust two feet at a time. pit's got to the two foot cutting phead on this particular rig. pthe pain staking process of premoving rubber drags on all pnight long. pand is required guys a year. pmonths. paround sunrise we test before pand after. pa state inspector arrives to pscientifically survey the presults. pengineer tyler atkins drivers pthe length of each runway. plooking good. pon cruise control. pwe run at 40 miles an hour. pbeneath the bed, a tiny tire pdropped from the back of the ptruck. pa sensor in spinning wheel pmeasures the friction on the prunway to determine whether a pjet would skid in the rain.
12:33 pm
pthe overnight operation is a psuccess. pall runways are cleared for planding. pwho knew? pso the next time you're watching pa plane land and you spot that oof of smoke, remember there's prubber meeting the runway and pfolks on the graveyard shift pmake sure that plane can break. pit's constant. palso, don't forget you probably aid for this clandestine clean pup. arking facility you buy a cup pcoffee you're paying for rubber premoval at the airport. pchris chmura, fox 13 news. p>> and now you know. pthere's a march for fun coming pup. pand all for the benefit of the pbabies.
12:34 pm
3 i'm excited to take part in my first suncoast march pwelcome back. preally excited to a take part in pfirst march. pfox 13 long been commit to march pof dimes and it'sow imp pis that we join these community pvolunteer and work together to pdefeat the biggest opponents pfacing our babies premature pbirth, birth defects and infant pmortality. pwe're going to tell you how you pcan join us for really fun walk por march in a few weeks. pbut first i'd like you to meet pbill the board chair for march pof babies. pthank you so much for joining pus. pthank you, linda it's great to pbe here. pfirst question tell bus at march pfor babies. pwhat's it all about? pmarch for babies is all about pending prematurity. pso march of dimes has been pfighting to do this for decades pnow. pand the making agreed progress. pso how and why did you get
12:35 pm
pnurse neonatal intensive kafr pnurse brought me into where she pworked i got to see those poor pinfants and seat issues they pfaced. pat that time, so many of those pbabies never survived. pso it was quite a change for me pand as i became a father related pto benefits that march of dimes rovide p>> i did a lot of medical preporter i've number nicu too is phard. pand. pthere's a wall there of a photos pof the graduates. pi asked her what had meant. pshe said those babies that got pto go home at that time. pmany, many did not. pit was a somewhere in pneighborhood of 50 percent at pthe time. pso, since then i've kind of pwatched march of dimes do things pthat helps to make sure those pbabies either are born full term por make it that you that whole rocess of early birth. ptell me a little bit about how pthe march of dimes does help, if
12:36 pm
p>> sure. psure. pa lot of programs. pthey really affect us right here pin tampa community. pso for example, there's a thing pcalled steroids that helps moms pwho are in danger of being remature to carry that baby a plittle bit longer given the pright time. pusf. pthat's being done. pthis is smoking cessation rogram for pregnant moms pbecause of course this is a time pbetween smoking and prematurity pand birth issues. pand then there's another program pcalled healthy babies are worth pthe wait. pand so this is a program where pwe have gone around to area phospitals here in this community pand gotten a pledge to insure pthat nonmedically are things pthat antineeded early for early pdeliveries are not done. pbecause, even the difference pbetween a 37-week term and p39-week is big in terms of
12:37 pm
pavoid by just going the little pbit longer period there. plet's wrap it up by telling eople how average person or a pbusiness, if you have a pbusiness, how you can get pinvolved. psure. pwe have a great, great program. pthere's marches all over the parea here. pwe've got six different marches pcoming up. pand just a just a ball. pas an individual or for a pbusiness to come out. pso all you need to do march for and sign up. pwe have no registration fees, pthere's no minimum. pcome out have a great time pyou'll feel great about it. pa family affair. pthere's you know, everything pfrom the bounce houses food to pmusic and for great cause. psure is as you said a family paffair. pa good idea to get your children pteach them at a young age about pthe importance of giving back pand helping others. pthank you. pand joining us today i'm emcee pone of those kick off events pthis thursday. pif you're interested in learning phow you can get involved with pyour family or just alone with
12:38 pm
plink on our website, pwe've also posted information on pmy facebook page look for fox p13's linda hurtado. pand we'll with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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p hey everybody i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from south ptampa today. psee roster speak easy and a psupper club. phanging out my buddy from yelp ptampa bay. pwhy are those two things coming ptogether? pwell because valentine's day is psunday. pwe reached out tampa bay and psaid we want to have some psuggestions for folks as you get pready for day of romance, well pthey just happen to win yelpie pfor best date night. pit is a something that the yelp psquad votes on every year. pwe have about 100 different pcategories of different types of plocal businesses. pand best date night spot was one pof them.
12:41 pm
pfebruary as you said took that pcrown home. pand bunch of different pcategories as well. pthis place is cool. assword to get in you call pahead for the password when you pcome you knock on door bay shore pcondominiums come to bottom a plittle difficult to find which art fun of it bay shore and phoward. pyou give password you come in a plittle private booth so you pcreate hand crafted cocktails pand a food on menu. pbut like i see where, why the pyelp audience enjoys this place. psomething that's hard to find. pyou kind of have to know psomebody to know about it. pthat adds to fun for sure. pi can also if i need yelp for pvalentine's day, for nor wrist por to get candies or all of that pis there. eople sometimes don't realize pit that yelp is more than prestaurants. pyes, absolutely myself included pvalentine's day this weekend. pthank you for the reminder. pi will be yelping myself. pby way i was asking brett, what phe did for his fiance, oh yeah i
12:42 pm
pi should you can even go on yelp pwhich is sort of like a message pboard with lot of the yelpers pthat are sieve here and ask hey pwhat should i do. pfive days before valentine's pday. pmake no plans at all. pyou were saying, yelp is not pnecessarily a place to go past. psitting around complaining i'm psure you have that element prooe preally is for people to say i pfound this cool place, i want pyou to know about it. pa lot of people like myself that pjust really love tampa bay. pand want to just up lift the pcommunity. pi think the stronger that our plocal business community is, the pbetter for everybody. pand so, that's kind of what pyelpers are made of in dna pcheerleaders for their city. pyou've got great i want to steal pyour list here. pbeauty and exercise. pso if you want to get all doled pup for valentine's day best pbarber shop rigby's. pthat's in westchase. pi think so. pi know that place.
12:43 pm
pi'm not trying to give them free lug. pshaken is cool. pcarrollwood day spa all of your pwinners. pas i said about 100 categories pfrom anything from good pet shop phealth all way down to the best pour best photographer in the pcity. pluna's great. pbest dentist south tampa pdentistry. pthat my dentist i did not pstwlunt vote at all people love pjoseph white he's great. pwe get ready for valentine's pday, you're looking for are palthough have. plooking for best chocolates and pbest sweets. pbest flowers, whatever you pdownload the yelp app, right? pabsolutely download the app. pyou're a person who still uses pthat old thing called a pcomputer, i was going pto ask but, yeah i didn't know pthere is a whole pwebsite i just use app. pi've never been to site. pyou can get more in depth with pspecific searchs on desk top
12:44 pm
pgoing towards the apps of the pworld, i like using the desk top psite. pand again there's a talk thread. pso if you're really looking for psomebody to kind of outline pfirst you go here get your pnouris here you go get your spa pafterwards here people can help pyou with that. pvery cool. pall right. pthere you go. pyou need a little yelp. phelp with yelp yelp l. help. pthat's all i go. pcharley belcher, fox 13 news. pstill seeing those breezy pconditions along the coastline. pbut compared to what away saw pthrough overnight hours, pcertainly seeing the winds die pdown. pbut you can still see rough psurf. pyou can actually see debris left pon the beach just because of the phigh water that worked its way pon coastline through overnight phours. pnow right now winds, you can see pout northwest 13 miles an hour pdown towards sarasota. p18 miles an hour. pwe've still seen these winds pgusting 23 up to about 30 miles pan hour once you head down ptowards fort meyers.
12:45 pm
pseeing winds into the mid 20s. pwe will continue to see breezy pconditions throughout the pafternoon. pjust a recommended ever we still phave high surf advisory that pgoes until 1 o'clock home. poff shore, we're looking a seas p10 to 14 feet. pso we've got the gale warnings palong coastal areas that goes puntil 7 o'clock this evening. ponce you get a little off shore preally seeing pretty strong pwinds. peven away from the coastline, psome of the lakes, going to pdealing with problems of lake pwind advisory these goes until p6 o'clock this even. pwinds will start to die down as pwe get into tonight and ptomorrow. pstill, a little bit on the pbreezy side at times. p56 here in tampa. pbrandon has a 57. palong with wesley chapel pbrooksville at 54 degrees. pdown in sarasota currently at 60 peven down across the southern art of the state where you pexpect to see those temperatures pa bit warmer it's a little bit pwarmer but miami is at 62. pmarthon at 60.
12:46 pm
p50s back across the panhandle. ensacola 49. anama city, checks in at 51 pdegrees. pnow the cold front swung pthrough. plast night. palready well down to our south pon the backside of it. pwe still have it in mid and pupper levels of the atmosphere. pwinds coming out of the that pwesterly direction. phelping to push a lot of cloud pcover over us. pwe will kind of average out with pvariable cloudy skies as we go pthrough the afternoon. pas you move on towards the pnorth, these areas of low ressure, a lot of cloud cover, pand lot of these just scattered psnow flurries, as far south as pgeorgia and back into alabama psome breezy weather and snow pwill continue as we go through pafternoon many locations down to psouth picking up a dusting up to pquarter to maybe half an inch of psnow in some spots. pnow, out west, as typically what pyou asee. pyou see active weather on one pside of the country, you see pquiet weather. pwe're seeing lot of clear skies pas that high pressure really
12:47 pm
pthe country. pso future cast shows that front pcontinues to move away. phigh pressure will build in pacross the southeast. pbut we've still got that breezy pconditions into tomorrow. pso the forecast goes like this. pvariable cloudy skies for today. pbreezy afternoon. pdaytime high of 57 degrees. pthen for tonight, still a chilly pnight. povernight low of 44 degrees. palthough the cloud cover is pgoing to start to thin out and pby tomorrow we're back to partly pcloudy skies and daytime high of p58 degrees. phere's the seven day forecast, pyou can see daytime highs stay pon cool side really that you pmuch the week very slow warming ptrend. pgetting back into the upper 60s pby the end of the week.
12:48 pm
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you may have to wait longer to stream new shows online pyou may have to wait long tore pstream online. psome television companies or pconsidering holding bah certain rograms if steaming tv penjoyable more people might cut pback or drop cable service paltogether. pcable and satellite company pay ptv networks billions to carry ptheir channels. pin turn tv production company pmake lot from licensing fees aid by the networks. pevery volusia county officer was phonored after being shot in line pof duty. pofficer, is actually a canine. pthe 4-year-old german shepherd pwas hot sho the in neck three pmonths an it happened while he pand handler were responding to pdomestic dispute when he chased parm man into woods he was shot. phe continued to chase the psuspect until he was caught. phe was given a purple heart and pmedal of valor from sheriff's poffice this morning his handler pand vets were also honored. pand he has returned to work
12:51 pm
pthat jacksonville dog was hoping pto become an officer's new artner. pcheck out this picture from pjacksonville the sheriff's poffice there. pthis is officer larry taylor. phe's brand new to the force. pin fact he just got his very own psquad car this morning. pwhile filling out a police preport, the dog jumped right in pfront seat and as you can see pmade himself right at home. pwas she lonely aspiring foob pcanine officer? peither way taylor enjoyed pcompany after he was done with preport the officer was able to pfind her owner and return her phome. pcute picture. pso a little chilly. pgoing to stay a little chilly. pa little chilly. pa little windy as well still pseeing pretty gusty winds along pcoastline. plook out beach there is you can psee that rough surf just pobviously not a good day on the pwater. preally, not a good day to really pbe hanging out on the coastline. pbecause of the gusty winds. ptemperatures will stay on cool pside over next few days kind a pslow warming trend as we head
12:52 pm
pby then we're back up into the pupper 60s. p62 on sunday. pthat's good snuggle weather for pit is. pnews doesn't end here we'll keep ptwitter and facebook. lus look for more news, weather pand sports beginning at p5 o'clock. phope oh to sue right back here p"realtime closed captioning
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